Corporate Solutions

If your organization is concerned about optimum resources, development of their workforce…
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Individual Solutions

Professional development for your professional goals.This training is open for all individuals…
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Educational Institute

Our Soft Skills Training programs in Classroom Management…
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Career Guidance Solutions for Students

In today’s society, we see a parent want their…
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Soft Skills Trainings


Corporate Training

At C2CSkills we have the combination of programs include Soft Skills, Sales Skills (B2C & B2B) and Customer Service Skills for every need and requirement TAKE enjoys the experience of providing close to industry specific programs, while having ready-made offs the shelf programs to suit major training requirements…
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Teachers Training

At C2CSkills, we have customized program aim to train teacher and impart Soft Skills.
Organizational Behavior
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Pre-Placement Training

C2CSkills passion is to push the ambitions of candidates to help them achieve their dreams. The true standing of an institution lies in the acceptance of its students by the industry. In this regard, we have been working towards helping young Management / Engineers / Graduates find their dream careers…
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Business English Skills

Bersin and Associates, conducted study and pointed out that “ organizations that are able to communicate their strategies in a clear and precise manner are 113 times more likely to achieve higher levels of profitability and efficiency”
Global English similar conducted study shows that…
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English Speaking Skills

The study, ‘The National Spoken English Skills of Engineers Report’, conducted by Aspiring Minds, surveyed English skills study of 30,000 engineers across 500 engineering colleges and found out that.“An overwhelming 97% of engineers in the country cannot speak English, required for high-end jobs in corporate sales and business consulting”…
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Job Oriented Trainings

Sales Training

Companies often focus on sales training because they are frustrated by a lack of know-how and care for their customers. That frustration may drive them to ask for sales training, but the result they’re really hoping for is simple. There are only 3 good (and obvious) reasons to ever do sales training:
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Customer Service Training

Customer service offers the opportunity to boost buyer satisfaction and change someone’s perception of an organisation. It is often overlooked. For organizations, making a profit is the only thing that matters, hence the focus will be more on sales staff and how they can close more deals.
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Retail Sales Training

“India is the world’s fifth-largest global destination in the retail space.“India’s retail market is expected to nearly double to US$ 1 trillion by 2020 from US$ 600 billion in 2015, driven by income growth, urbanisation and attitudinal shifts. (source: www.ibef.org).The Indian retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries due to the entry of several new players…
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Services Marketing Training

The Indian telecommunication services market is expected to grow by 10.3% Y-O-Y to reach US$ 103.9 billion by 2020.
The Indian digital classifieds industry is expected to grow three-fold to reach US$ 1.2 billion by 2020, driven by growth in horizontal classifieds like online services, real estate and automobiles.
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